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Karolina Sigmund

Born in 1985 in Berlin, Karolina Sigmund attended universities in Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon and Vienna, where she studied history, earning a BA in general history and a European MA in women’s and gender history. Her research interests are located in the fields of feminist science history, cultural history of medicine and psychiatry, women´s and gender history, cultural and social military history and the history of cultural transfers.

Ph.D. Project Poster

Research Project: Medicine and Masculinities in the Austro-Hungarian Army (1890-1918)

The PhD-Project "Medicine and Masculinities in the Austro-Hungarian Army (1890-1918)" deals with discourses on the soldier’s body, mind, illness and health in the Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1890 and 1918. In this research the category “gender” is used as an analytical instrument which helps to analyze the construction of differences and power-relations between soldiers in military physician´s declarations. This research’s main focus lies on the Militärsanitätskomitee (1857-1918), a committee of medical experts composed of military physicians and directed by a general major physician, which advised the war ministry in medical-scientifically questions, and the sources produced by this institution.


Sigmund, K. (2014). "Männlichkeiten als Analysekategorie am Beispiel militärpsychiatrischer Quellen um 1900", In: un/disciplined? Research Methods, Theories and Standpoints of Women’s and Gender History (working title), In: L´Homme–Schriften, Böhlau, Vienna, expected to be published:  October 2014.

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